Fire Wood & Fuels

Please note all of these products are available to purchase in-store or over the phone!

Logs are delivered loose on the back of a tipper truck, there must be somewhere for us to tip them!

We are able to deliver kindling, coal and firelighters with loads of logs too!



Burns for Longer & Hotter than Softwood

We pride ourselves on our high quality logs. We know how important it is to buy firewood which burns well, doesn’t spit and is economical. Our logs are mix up to 9'' although we can cut larger ones upon request. 

Available in: 

  • Bulk Bag Collected - Ready To Burn

  • Clear Bag Collected - Ready To Burn

  • 2 Cubic Meters - Tipper Truck Delivered*

     *Seasoned barn dried logs



Our Premium Kindling

Our finest quality premium kiln dried kindling for quick, smokeless fire starting. Suitable for all fires, including stoves, open fires, bonfires, chimineas, fire pits, pizza ovens, bonfires and BBQs. All of our kindling sticks are sawn to an ideal size, making starting a fire quicker, easier and more cost effective. 


Simply make a bed of kindling and light. Once established add firewood to get your fire going. 

Available in: 

  • Large Netted Bag - Ready To Burn



Burns for Longer & Hotter

We pride ourselves on our high quality logs. We know how important it is to buy firewood which burns well, doesn’t spit and is economical. These are mixed species hardwood logs off-cuts. We can cut larger ones upon request.

Available in: 

  • Large Netted Bag - Ready To Burn



Homefire Smokeless Coal - 25KG

Homefire Smokeless Fuel is one of the most popular solid fuels available in the UK. With fantastic performance on both open fires and multi-fuel stoves, the outstanding qualities of Homefire have been delighting homeowners for over 50 years & it's suitable for smokeless zones.

Homefire produces 30% more heat and lasts up to 40% longer than house coal, so you can use less to achieve the same heat output. And what’s more, Homefire emits up to 80% less smoke and 25% less C02, so it’s also better for the environment.

The long fire life of Homefire Smokeless Fuel means that you need to refuel less, and the attractive flame picture will help bring your fireplace to life. Homefire Smokeless Fuel is the must-have fuel for anyone using an open fire or multi-fuel stove.

Available in: 

  • 25KG Sealed Sacks

  • 10KG Sealed Sacks

Newburn Bag.jpg


Newburn Smokeless Coal - 25KG

Newburn is a fully authorised smokeless fuel that is suitable to burn in smoke control areas. It has a low ash and sulphur content. It's a high performing fuel briquette that burns at hot temperatures due to the shape that encourages an easy light, good airflow and strong heat output. 

This coal is made from a blend of the best quality cokes and anthracite. It is a fully authorised smokeless fuel and HETAS approved. Newburn is ideal for both open and closed appliances.

Available in: 

  • 25KG Sealed Sacks


For Fast, Reliable Fire Lighting - Pack of 15

This pack of 15 quality firelighters are great for fast, reliable fire lighting. Perfect for ignition of house coal, smokeless fuel, logs and charcoal. 

How to get the best from your fire: 1. Place 1 or 2 Firelighters in the grate on a thin layer of fuel 2. Cover the firelighters with small pieces of fuel 3. Light the firelighters, Use a half draught until the fuel is alight then use the full draught Homefire manufactured so quality is assured



Flamers Natural Firelighters - Pack of 50

Flamers Natural Firelighters are made from natural wood wool. They are dipped into paraffin wax after a thorough drying process which ensures a long burning time, leaving no odour on your fingers or in the air. The burning time of one firelighter is from 8 to 10 minutes and you will only need one per fire. Use them for any fire lighting, indoors on wood burners and open fires, or outdoors on BBQs, Charcoal grills, barbecue smokers, pizza ovens and Fire pits. They will also provide a great solution for campers, as they are light to carry, will light even if you get them wet and you can even try Flint and steel lighting for that true bushcrafting experience.